Sunday, December 21, 2008


So here's the update; Austin is now one and cuter than ever!! It took her almost a whole month after her birthday to start walking, but now she is climbing all over. Her first successful walk accross the room without falling was of coarse to her aunt danielle. we were at texas roadhouse for jeans birthday. Austin loves her aunt fanny!! She likes it when jean and danielle come over so she can play.

Our house is in the process of forclosuer, which is a blessing in a weird way. We were doing all the adons and stuff, thankfully we found out before the footing was poured for our block wall and could return the block. So a word th the wise "never ever get a mortgage loan from flagstar bank", they are not helpful or on top of things. they sent us a package to sign for the loss and litigations program we were doing and they put the wrong mailing address and by the time they figured out we did sign anything they said it was too late to do that program,(even though we were making the extra payments they told usto. they where holding that money in a seperate accoun) and we would have to pay $1,600 a month on a crappy small house to save it so we walked away.

We moved into a rental, we are doing a rent with the option to own to clean up our credit. they think we could approved for a new loan in a year but we will see. I kinda like renting that way they have to take care of repairs. I like the idea of buying this house cause we will know all they problems with it before we buy this time. it is 1200 sq ft. a huge upgrade for us. Three bed two bath and a nice backyard with a patch of grass!!! Its sad that thats my favorite part!! The landlords are cool and do not care if we paint or anything which is nice. Its all tile except for the room. which is so much easier to keep clean. I love having a playroom too!!Oh and its in mesa not aj and no scarry people walking by at all hours!!

We are excited for christmas, it will be fun this year. we hope you all are doing well and have a merry christmas!!


Joelle said...

It's Joelle! I have a blog and I found yours! That video of Austin laughing is absolutely adorable. She is very very cute! Anyways just wanted to say hi!

The Nelson's said...

ah she is so cute. I can't wait to see her. Hey are you still comming to see me in june? yeah bet you forgot HUH?